About Us

GreenLight General Contracting Inc is a Windsor-based construction and design firm. It is the brainchild of David Skillings and Blair Spencer.

The core team has vast experience in engineering, construction and development. We stand for and promote honesty, reliability and efficiency in everything that we do.

Whether it’s designing, building or renovating we have the knowledge, expertise to complete even the most intricate of projects.

Image of David Skillings from the Windsor Construction and Design Firm team smiling



David’s vision for GreenLight was to provide individuals and businesses with completely custom and personalized design, construction and management services. His extensive technical abilities, experience and education have made him a success in multiple sectors of the design, ICI and residential industries. David believes in providing all clients with the same quality product, despite the size of the project. As a licensed Structural Engineer, he brings greater level of understanding of even the most complex projects.

Image of Blair Spencer from the Windsor Construction and Design Firm team smiling

Blair J. Spencer


As a founding member of the GreenLight team, Blair brings a diverse range of skills from sales, design and heavy and residential construction experience. Blair has managed many large value public and private sector projects with great success. Blair’s main focus is to ensure complete client satisfaction through communication and care.

Image of Nikola Stojanovski from the Windsor Construction and Design Firm team smiling

Nikola Stojanovski


Nik is an integral member of the GreenLight family with his extensive experience in project coordination, scheduling and communication. With a strong focus on site safety and critical thinking, Nik continues to help GreenLight achieve continued success.

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